Sizzix Tim Holtz Alterations Collection 3 Pack Embossing Diffuser Set # 1




Style Name:Sizzix Accessory Embossing Diffuser, Pack of 3, Multi-Colour

Constructed of high-quality ABS plastic, This set of three see-through embossing diffuser templates and three insets allows you to add or remove Texture anywhere within a texture fades, Texture Trades or textured impressions design while using a template. Using either the big kick, big shot, vagabond and Texture Boutique machines, simply sandwich the embossing folder and material to be impressed between one cutting pad (or one embossing pad when using Texture boutique), one embossing diffuser (using either the template or the inset shape) and the machine’s included platform (not required when using Texture boutique) and roll through the machine. If using the template in the sandwich, you will Emboss completely around the opening of the embossing diffuser. However, if using the inset shape in the sandwich, you will Emboss the inset shape only. When used along with a cutting or embossing pad, embossing diffusers precisely compensate for the proper pressure and height required for pressing thin material surfaces such as paper, cardstock and foil. The diagrams on the multipurpose (tab 1), essentials or solo platform & shim (items sold separately) offer easy guidelines about how to make the perfect Sizzix sandwich with the Sizzix machines mentioned above. Each embossing diffuser measures 4 1/2′ X 6′ X 1/8′ And lasts for thousands of impressions. This set includes the following designs: Circle #1 with a 3 1/4′ Opening/inset, oval #1 with 3 1/2′ X 1 1/2′ Opening/inset and oval #2 with a 2 3/4′ X 4 1/4′ Opening/inset.


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