Michael Hansmeyer Column Master

July 12, 2021 0 Comments

Michael Hansmeyer’s mission is to uncover the unimaginable results that come from combining computation, fabrication technologies, and architecture.  His idea is that algorithms and computer technologies can create new designs based much on the way a cell divides, which he has applied to his work in architecture. In this series, algorithm generated lines of code and laser cutting technology used to stack thousands of thin sheets of cardboard became intricate and astoundingly detailed columns.   Moreover, Hansmeyer argues that we should consider a new architectural order based on adding an new elemental form, “the subdivision algorithm”, to join the orders of classical architecture (the tree trunk, the plank, the scroll, the leaf).  A study of embellishment and ornamentation, the crux of his idea certainly represents one facet of the cutting edge of design.  There is an exquisite elegance that can be traced through Hansmeyer’s work, one which reflects quite an exciting point of view.


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